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Have you ever sat back and pondered what “value” your consulting partner is providing you?  Have cookie-cutter approaches to Continuous Improvement failed in your organization?  Does your team need guidance to successfully drive the organizational change? 


At GDC we pride ourselves on our distinct consulting strategy.  Unlike typical consultants, we take the time to learn your processes and culture to ensure we can provide valuable solutions that will drive change.  We understand that NO implementation is exactly the same and many variables factor into identifying the correct approach.  We firmly believe the transfer of our knowledge through mentorship and hands on learning is essential for our client’s long-term success.  


At GDC, we are a total business solutions provider.  We tailor our offerings to fit each individual client’s needs and expectations to create the foundation for long-term success.


GDC's Consulting services include:

As part of advancing our client's organization, we provide full service implementation and integration services. The industry type and corporate culture play an important role in determining deployment strategies for achieving breakthrough performance. Since clients often have other initiatives underway, Lean Business must be integrated with those efforts in a seamless fashion to ensure continuity and profitability of the organization.

Our systematic approach to Strategy Deployment ensures every person in the organization understand thier specific role in achieving the organizational goals.  It is critical all members of the organization are involved in the goal setting process to ensure buy-in and commitment.

We offer clients the ability to choose a tailored approach for developing in-house experts to implement process improvement and business transformations. Most organizations have the talent in place, but not necessarily the skills. With proper development and guidance, your team will take over the program from us in a very short time period.

GDC has developed a proven methodology for assessing manufacturing and/or service operations. These facility assessments can serve as stand-alone studies or as part of an overall improvement initiative. Our Operational analysis can also be used to support due diligence associated with an acquisition or justification for benchmarking before starting your Lean journey.

We provide regular on-site support to management and employees to help them with project work and implementation strategies. This allows us to focus on each person and project to provide individualized guidance. 

The key to crisis management is to immediately identify structure and analyze the problem to arrive at a feasible solution. In times of crisis our battle-tested crisis management services provide the support needed to quickly make the right decisions. We have a proven track-record of helping companies successfully deal with financial problems.

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