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Over the past 10 years, GDC has been perfecting our systematic approach for implementing Lean improvements.  Our approach takes our clients down GDC’s recommended path to implementing and sustaining Lean tools and principles.   GDC’s path teaches organizations how to push forward through both successes and failure without losing focus of the ultimate goal.

GDC’S Recommended Path for Obtaining and Sustaining Lean Success

Assess the current situation, Train your employees with the knowledge to become a motivated and empowered workforce, Implement improvements, Measure success, Standardize best practices, Analyze opportunities, Adjust accordingly, and Transition for company sustainability.

Although we have recommend path, each individual client has tailored implementation plan that varies based on their initial assessment and resource capacity.  As we are implementing, we work side by side with our clients' employees to ensure that they be engaged and able to keep the momentum moving forward. 


Keeping the momentum moving forward and sustaining the improvements is the most difficult part of the Lean journey for many organizations. Without a systematic approach, organizations struggle to keep pushing forward. When faced with obstacles many organizations change direction and move to the next exciting flavor of the month; but any company who has successfully begun their lean journey knows the road blocks and obstacles must be attacked and overcome.


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