Operational Assessments

Do you need help finding the starting point for your Lean journey?  For the past decade, GDC has been continuously developing and refining our business assessment tools to do exactly that—identify where you are today, where you want to be in the future, and what you need to do to get there!


At GDC, we understand that our client’s needs are different; therefore we offer two types of assessments.  Our assessments are designed to give you the best possible feedback to make improvements within your organization.


•              The GAP Analysis

•              The Operational Assessment (See options below)


Our patented assessment process considers current business state, corporate culture, organizational structure, and competitive environment.  We evaluate the effectiveness of the corporate strategy and the efficiency of operations.  Both assessments have been designed to analyze the key management areas of a business.


Our assessments are designed to not only provide you with an analysis, but to also outline an implementable plan of action based on your specific needs and goals.  After you complete your assessment, you will have a plan to start implementing IMMEDIATELY!  Depending on your resource capacity, you can start implementing with your people or have GDC tailor a project plan to meet your specific needs.


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