Strategic Deployment

Do you ever wonder how to get your employees more engaged in fueling the success of your organization?  Do you not understand why your employees are unmotivated—after all you give them fair pay, job stability, and a great work environment? 


The answer is simple…they don’t understand HOW they can help the organization achieve the goals set in place by top management.  Many organization communicate the high level goals, but unfortunately they are often too complex for  non-leadership employees to understand.  And if they do understand, they don’t understand their role in creating the improvement.


At GDC, we deploy the strategy throughout the organization through the implementation of HOSHIN.  During Hoshin, executives start the process by identifying top-level goals.  The next step is to for the executive team to play catchball with the next level of management to select goals that will ensure the executive goals will be achieved.  This keeps happening until the floor-level employees are setting goals to ensure their supervisors are able to achieve their goals.  This process allows all goals, from the top executive team to the floor-level employees, to be in alignment.  It allows involves all member of the organization to be part of the goal setting process—which allows them to understand their specific role in achieving the organizational goals.  By engaging employees in this process the feel part of larger team, which will motivate them to fuel the success of the organization.


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