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Keeping the momentum moving forward and sustaining the improvements is the most difficult part of the Lean journey for many organizations. Without a systematic approach, organizations struggle to keep pushing forward. When faced with obstacles many organizations change direction and move to the next exciting flavor of the month. But any company who has successfully begun their Lean journey understands the road blocks and obstacles must be attacked and overcome.


We offer clients the ability to choose a tailored approach for developing in-house experts to implement process improvement and business transformations. Most organizations have the talent in place, but not necessarily the skills. With proper development and guidance, your team will take over the program from us in a very short time period.


 Because client issues are often unique, implementation plans should be tailored to meet those specific needs. We work closely with you to develop a plan that fits your organization's budget, talent, culture, and knowledge.


Our program is created for organizations needing to rapidly transform from current state to world-class Lean business, our planning team will:

  • Assess your current operation
  • Develop a transition strategy given real world constraints (cash flow, resources, etc.)
  • Implement changes identified
  • Transition the business back to your management team

 For very specific problems, we can deploy our experts to your site for project based business process improvement. Examples of such assignments are:

  • Establishing new or improve existing manufacturing cells, including layout, production system implementation, and technical process improvement.
  • Creating detailed asset management and depletion strategies, including establishment of optimum inventory levels by part number.

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