HOLOS Leadership System

Is your strategic plan connected throughout your organization?  Are you able to engage employees at every level of the organization to focus on achieving the strategic goals and objectives?  Has your internal process been optimized to produce according to your customers’ expectations?  Are you struggling to identify your Return on Investment and your true operational cost?  We have your solution!


Based on our many years of experience implementing, researching and developing business systems across the globe, we have developed the HOLOS Leadership System, a module based system that combines all of the key business areas and management system essentials to plan, implement and grow any business. It’s able to accomplish this by focusing of the three most important aspects of an organization – Its Patrons - Its Processes - and Its People.


 HOLOS Leadership Systems is designed to provide organizations with a holistic approach to change management intended to transform the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of the organization so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, challenges, and the increasing rate of change itself.  HOLOS is not to be considered "a training function of an organization"; it is a highly developed change management system designed to bring about the following outcomes:


  • Better Quality of Life
  • Continuously Evolving Culture
  • Less Managing – More Mentoring
  • Transforming of Organization into a Learning Institution
A strategy deployment system designed to execute your business strategies year after year.

A set of particular tools to analyze, optimize and systemize performance results.

A system designed to optimize value–added activities by prioritizing financial improvement initiatives.

A system to simplify, improve, and advance the potential gains that can be seen within your processes.  

A system designed to address cultural limitation in driving continuous improvement and innovation.


Sustainment Tools

A tool to analyze the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

A system designed to measure the overall effectiveness of the HOLOS System or any change management system.

HOLOS uses a combination of change management, culture problem solving and leadership development to drive the transformation process that is needed to achieve strategic and financial world-class goals. Unlike most systems, HOLOS provides detailed knowledge on topics such as business fundamentals, strategic alignment, governance and the business case for organizational development and learning. Also, the system provides detailed checklists, timelines, scorecards, samples and templates – everything needed for implementation.

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