Continuous Improvement Toolkit (CIT)

Overcome Any Challenge Along Your Way


The CIT will cover Continuous Improvement of Work Processes (CIWP) and Collaborative or Team Problem Solving (CPS) step by step, along with the most important tools that are applicable to these processes. The goal is that each step gives you new knowledge about the improvement opportunity you are pursuing. This new knowledge will often require you to "loop back" to a prior step to revise your thinking. In fact, the need to loop back to a previous step and begin again is a basic requirement of both processes.

These tools are designed to achieve a True North goal. Perfection is not a goal that we are trying to conquer; it is a compass that tells us in what direction to advance. The daily pursuit towards perfection is vital to any successful business process transformation effort.

Finally, these tools will help you select, gather, and display important facts (data), as well as help you reach consensus and make group decisions. In effect, these tools should become your most powerful and useful allies in bringing about improvements.

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