Growing America’s Potential (GAP) Analysis

A tool that will provide leaders with the ability to examine where the organization currently is and where it could be, resulting in an apparent gap between the two. It provides an insight into the needs for the improvement of the organization and determines the necessary steps to take to attain business goals.


The GAP Analysis is where all HOLOS transformations begin. After years of effectively implementing Strategy Deployment, People Development, Financial Analysis and Process Improvement systems with over 500 clients from mid-size to mega corporations; we have identified 12 key areas of a business that must be managed in order for the organization to succeed. Our analysis provide leaders with a close look at the organization's systems management capabilities - examining where the organization is currently and where it could be based on Best-in-Industry companies in today’s environment. It provides insight into the key areas in need of improvement needs of the organization and identifies which business transformation module to start with.


Our Gap Analysis Tool can help you to identify the gaps that exist between the new standard for excellence and your organization's processes. Once you know exactly where your gaps are, you can take steps to fill them. By using this approach, you will not only improve the 12 key areas of the business, you will also improve the overall effectiveness of your management system.

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