Lean Sustainment Audit (LSA)

Maintain Your Improvements At Every Level


The HOLOS Leadership System considers Auditing to be a key process at all levels — from the incremental audits used for self-evaluation by improvement teams to the comprehensive audits conducted by the management team and external advisors. Our trained consultants use the Lean Sustainment Audit to evaluate the extent, depth and rigor with which Continuous Improvement methods and tools are applied throughout the organization.


 We analyze employee involvement and development, as well as the performance and cost improvements achieved.  Our consultants assess the degree to which management has achieved a continuous, ongoing and comprehensive implementation of Lean Conversion techniques and the full involvement of people leading to sustained results.


LSA is a tool which:

  • Analyzes Detrimental Losses
  • Focuses on Key Areas
  • Establishes Good Planning
  • Aids in Selection of Cross-Functional Teams
  • Follows Project Programs
  • Sustains and Tracks Results
  • Creates Extensive Visual Management

Our team uses the Lean Sustainment Audit to measure the overall effectiveness of the HOLOS system or any other change management system that your organization has in place. We provide the means to gauge the success of any improvement efforts. LSA gives an organization the wherewithal to continue the efforts, or reconfigure the current actions taking place.

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