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Curtis Walker Curtis Walker President

GDC was founded in 1999 by Curtis Walker, to help organizations around the world achieve continuous performance improvement success. From his many years of experience as an executive consultant, Mr. Walker understands that most companies already know what problems exist; what they want and need are step-by-step directions on how to make the necessary changes to improve overall performance and receive direction that inspires the IDEA of continuous improvement. In the 80's, Mr. Walker studied the Toyota Production System in Japan. Along with his various industry experiences he became confident in his ability to build an organization capable of delivering Lean efficient companies, from this path GDC was born.


The GDC Total Business Solutions team is made up of industry experts who understand the unique needs and challenges facing most industries: healthcare institutions, food processing, service,  aerospace, financial, manufacturing, and distribution sectors, as well as government and military. Decades of experience combined with the expertise of your specific markets ensures we can offer you thoughtful, competitive solutions. Our deliverables land in the areas of operations, finance, performance measures, and administrative workflow, in order to maximize your organization's productivity.


Today, GDC is a leading provider in Total Business Solutions, offering businesses and organizations the most innovative programs and services available. To date GDC has assisted hundreds of companies, improving their bottom lines.

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