Our Goal and Mission

Our Goal

To provide organizations with a comprehensive and systematic way to improve the bottom-line.


Our Mission

To achieve high performance and financial impact results for our clients that are both effective and sustainable.


At GDC, we believe strongly that the involvement and commitment of all associates is essential to success. We work with key individuals at the site to develop solutions that are inline with the organizational culture and strategic business goals, rather than impose our own ideas onto a company.


An important part of our work is enhancing the internal capability of our clients with a focus on lead-time reduction, elimination of waste, and continuous improvement at the basic levels. Once the basic levels have been achieved, we will tap into the talent within your organization and train them in the phases of lean conversion.


While successful implementation requires involvement and commitment from every level in the organization, we believe the basic concepts of eliminating waste, continuous improvement, and providing a visual organization need to be taught effectively to the people who actually do the work on a daily basis.  It is essential that ALL employees understand and buy into the concepts. Your organizational commitment to facilitate company-wide involvement combined with our expert training and implementation skill is the foundation upon which GDC can confidently claim success as the number one implementer of “Lean Thinking” that leads to sustained results for your business.

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