Our Strategy

To transfer our knowledge and abilities to our clients through guided application; allowing our clients to learn by doing.


Based on our experience teaching classes and facilitating projects, we continue to develop hands-on exercises and training models designed to generate results faster than our competition. These methods transform traditional classroom learning into immediate application on specific client projects. After completing a project, our clients understand every aspect of their new operation and can adapt it to fit market changes and new products or processes.


In the beginning, our primary focus was delivering the traditional lean concept of "make one ship one". Over the course of the last few years however, we have identified that the majority of companies we were working with didn't have any finished goods inventory. So we looked at Lean in a different light and created a new process called "Lean Conversion".


Most of the companies we work with are considered one offs – which simply means that many request for our client's product or services are not exactly the same. This means we must identify a way to create mixed model value streams which demonstrates to the client their ability to pull through shared resources. In the service industry, such as restaurants and hospitals, the concepts are the same. In these settings, the shared resources are cooks and doctors or tables and operating rooms; there is still a need to maximize or optimize the process. Our Lean Conversion process can help you accomplish this.


The newest addition to GDC Total Business Solutions' continuously growing portfolio is "Lean Service". Designed for the services industry, this program is derived from our project leadership in service and transactional areas. While leading projects, we've developed and integrated additional tools specific to these areas. Many programs are designed primarily for manufacturing environments with service and transactional processes as afterthoughts; Lean Service is designed specifically to drive improvement in these processes.

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