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At GDC, our business is assisting companies to develop a holistic approach to managing strategiesenhancing processesdeveloping people, and managing financial activities for long term sustainability.

We have been providing various industries with Total Business Solutions since 1999. GDC was founded on three basic elements designed to:

  • Guide your organization towards “Lean Thinking.”  We achieve this by first evaluating the following processes: operations, administration, quality, finance, and organizational structure. As we travel through this “waste journey” , we link internal processes to achieve true flow. This helps to maximize results and sustain improvements. When processes are evaluated from a financial perspective, it gives us justification to improve or eliminate it.
  • Deploy measurable solutions that make good business sense in achieving world-class performance. Once we have guided the organization through the “waste” journey we then help develop the improvement process throughout the organization. We provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to structure and organize your organizational transformation.
  • Change the culture to support the human side of continuous improvement. During deployment we work with your staff to help them understand the need for change and how this benefits the whole and not just a few individuals within the organization. It’s this enlightenment that promotes change and helps drive continuous improvements.

At GDC, delivering this total package is our strength; it’s what gives us the results that lead to your success - and ours. We turn information into insight, and insight into strategies - strategies that enable your company to build and sustain competitive advantages. In turn, these advantages equip you to remain
competitive in a changing and challenging global marketplace.

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