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GDC TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS knows that each industry has its own distinct requirements, challenges, and priorities.  For this reason, we have gathered industry experts who are devoted to solving your unique business problems.  GDC has developed a set of tools and best-practices that have helped companies to improve their bottom-line profits, increase corporate morale, and build the foundational systems that drive continuous improvement from within.   Click the links below to learn more about we can do for your specific industry:

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Challenging economic times often create either a state of paralysis or an over-zealous try-it-all campaign in the hopes that something might work.  A feeling of “helplessness” often prevails and the “penny wise – pound foolish” axiom resounds in the halls of the executive wing of management.  However, neither end of this pendulum swing is wise nor necessary because there is a solution that brings sanity in the short-term and prosperity in the long-term. 


It is called “Lean Conversion.”


Lean Conversion is probably the most important systematic approach to continuous improvement that has hit the business world since Henry Ford constructed the first assembly line.


Lean creates a corporate discipline that causes employees at all levels to recognize and eliminate the wasteful practices that infiltrate every company over time. It provides the practical tools that increase throughput, decrease defects and rework, and elminate inventory overages. It causes people to use space more efficiently, create repeatable best practices, and effectively solve problems (instead of firefighting the same ones over and over again). Lean provides the impetus for perseverance in the face of adversity and drives positive behavioral change throughout the organization.


Lean is not a pipedream, nor is it a quick fix.  It is a concrete, measurable, and sustainable process that happens to be our specialty.  GDC Total Business Solutions has demonstrated, documented, and proven that we can take a good company and make them great or a company that is struggling and give them tangible, positive results.


Lean is not a fad, nor is it a process that can be implemented with minimal commitment.  It requires dedication, belief, and trust.  With it, you can expect remarkable change, a solid competitive advantage, and healthy long-term growth.  Lean is sustained by dedicated internal champions who recognize its importance and who realize that the Lean principles apply to every facet of their business.


Effective businesses practice Lean principles every day and GDC is here to help you learn, adopt, and implement this systematic approach.


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