Lean in the Government Sector

GDC’s Government Solutions has public sector and commercial experience.  We have already assisted the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST), and the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory (LANL) in solving some of the toughest issues like developing an effective operation strategy to streamline the re-certification process of our nation’s nuclear warheads.  Our qualifications and proven track record help us to translate our functional and technical expertise into measurable results.  No problem is too small or too large for us to tackle.


How we are different

As a leading provider of services in the public sector, GDC understands what is required to accelerate business decision making, increase productivity, improve quality in project delivery, and provide the services vital to effectively managing a program.  Like the private sector, government entities are now faced with organizational consolidation, tightening budgets, constrained resources, increased need for cross-enterprise integration, and an aging workforce. 


GDC’s Government Solutions helps organizations to create sustainable value by employing innovative business process improvement strategies and applied solutions that utilize a unique method of engagement. Having worked with government at the civilian, local, state, and federal levels including defense and healthcare, we have established exceptionally tailored approaches that allow government institutions to manage key activities. 


Our approach can be applied to any or all stages of a program’s life cycle. Backed by decades of combined industry and service experience, the GDC staff is dedicated to helping our clients achieve better, faster, and more sustainable results.  We have a proven track record of addressing the strategic and operational needs of local and national governments while helping them to fulfill their mission and to drive their transformation agenda. 


About GDC’s Government Solutions


GDC’s Government Solutions is ready to help you make the necessary changes to move forward and accelerate your success.  Let our dedicated team of professionals help you to address some of the functional barriers that continue to plague our government such as: 


  • “Overcoming the Iceberg”:  Political and Emotional Resistance to Transformational Change
  • Acceleration in Strategy and Problem Solving to Enable Transformation
    • Operations Improvement
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Human Capital Management
    • Program Management
  • Breaking Down Functional Silos
  • Revamping and/or improving internal processes so that they flow more efficiently
  • Eliminating wasteful and/or unnecessary redundancy, hand-offs, and approvals

Allow us to come in to give you a preliminary assessment.

“You can’t afford to wait until it’s too late.”


GDC TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS offers a full range of services which include mentoring programs, à la carte, workshops, project management, process-focused improvements, or full Lean implementation.

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