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Consumers across the world are requiring high quality, inexpensive products; which is a struggle for manufacturers world-wide.  Many organizations are looking for quick solutions to provide an edge over their competition and the ability to provide more with less, but this approach typically only addresses “low hanging fruit” within an operation. 


How do you navigate towards sustainable change that will drive growth and prosperity in the future? 


The Lean way of doing business is your answer — eliminating all the waste  that has crept into our systems over the years. Using the principles, practices, tools, and philosophies of Lean to begin the journey towards efficient production will allow companies to genuinely compete with organizations at a global level.


“Becoming Lean” is the total surrender and commitment to a philosophy that, when undertaken, provides enormous benefits to your organization.  Use of the term “Lean” in a manufacturing or other production environment, describes a foundation that incorporates a collection of tools and techniques into the everyday business practices that optimize time, human resources, assets, and productivity, while continuously improving the quality of products and services to our customers. 


So, what differentiates GDC TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS from other consulting firms?  At GDC we go beyond theory; we work side-by-side with our clients to successfully implement sustainable improvements.   We assist our clients in a holistic approach to implementing Lean/Continuous Improvement fundamentals that focuses on adding value to the consumer, streamlining operations, and utilizing internal Human Capital.


What this means for our clients:


GDC will work with your organization under its current climate condition. Once we get an understanding of what your organization needs, we will review, or assist, in  assembling a strategic plan.  Upon completion of the plan, we will help you translate these business objectives into measurable goals and assist in aligning your goals at all levels of the organization.


Further, we will put together an implementation and training plan for your organization.  At this point, we will train your management staff on their new responsibilities and measurable goals within    the new Lean environment.  We will also work with your employees to educate them on their newly refined role in the Lean environment.  In a traditional organization, an employee arrives at work and is given a set of instructions to follow. If the employee deviates from the process, he or she is criticized or disciplined. In a Lean environment, the expectations are very different. As an employee starts a new job, they must first learn the specific task or activities associated with their position. After the employee masters the basic concepts, their new role is to improve the process through the continuous improvement practices.    


Once the employees understand their new role in the Lean environment, employees will be trained on how to identify problems and assist supervisors or managers in the problem solving process. The entire organization will work towards the strategic goals of the organization. Those goals are based on customer service, employee satisfaction, new business, current business growth, and quality management.


GDC uses Lean principles to identify ways to reduce cost without attacking wages or reducing your job force.  Instead, we focus on removing the non-value added activities (waste) within your processes.  We help you create savings efficiencies that will lower cost while keeping up with inflationary incomes.  


With GDC’s recommended implementation roadmap, we guide, coach, and mentor our clients to implement the Lean tools and principles that drive long-term success. Through our systematic approach, we ensure the improvements are obtainable, and most importantly, SUSTAINABLE. 


Some of the proven Lean benefits include: 

  • 75-90% reduction in cycle-time;
  • 95-99%  customer satisfaction;
  • 50% reduction in inventory;
  • 50-90% improvement in quality;
  • 50% reduction in new product introduction cycle-time;
  • profit growth 3-4 times industry average.


Clearly, the time to act is now!



Allow us to come in to give you a preliminary assessment.


You can’t afford to wait until it’s too late.”


GDC TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS offers a full range of services which include mentoring programs, à la carte, workshops, project management, process-focused improvements, or full Lean implementation.

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