Leadership/Management Training

Five (5) day Workshop

The task of management in modern organizations is to get the best out of people so that organizational objectives can be achieved. Many organizations are developing new cultures with flatter, responsive team structures, empowered to take action to meet goals and targets. There is less emphasis on the classical command and control role of multi-layered management hierarchies.


Today's leadership and team building endeavors provides a consistent, flexible approach to management across an organizations functions.


Course Objectives

 Day 1 - starts with an overview of management’s functions, roles, skills and qualities in a lean environment. With this insight, coupled with evidence from cultural diagnostics, the need for leadership skills and how leadership can be achieved and best executed can be examined.


Day 2 - focuses on identifying and developing the leadership skills needed to achieve tasks and deliver results. This day will focus on the practical work of the leader as a director and motivator of people.


Day 3-4 - focuses on the leadership’s role in the development of its people, procedures, and systems. This includes how to effectively conduct performance reviews and develop continuous improvement systems; through the use of personal development portfolios. Exercises will be used to practice development skills.


Day 5 – focuses on developing and finalizing self and peer assessments; including organizational diagnostics to be presented in front of the organization's managers and course sponsors.


The leadership skills course will end with a survey to review problems, needs and personal action plans.


Learning Objectives
By the end of the leadership skills course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role, leadership skills and qualities of a Lean leader
  • Identify their own needs for specific leadership skills in the areas of: achieving the task, leading the team, developing individuals, developing self
  • Systematically review the performance of: groups, subordinates, and self
  • Recognize, and utilize to best effect, the strengths of the team
  • Select appropriate leadership styles to suit diverse situations
  • Motivate and maximize team resource potential
  • Assess how behavior impacts on self-management, and organization, department and team building
  • Create a personal development portfolio to manage self and team members development
  • Prepare a plan of action to acquire, practice and develop the leadership skills needed to be an effective leader


Who Should Attend
This generic leadership skills course has been designed for all those with responsibility for managing and supervising others. It is ideal for newly appointed or aspiring team leaders and provides an essential precursor to team building program


Recommended Prerequisites

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