Leading Through Change

One (1) day Workshop / Implementation Assistance Available

Although a necessary part of organizational life, change is not always welcome—even when it’s for the better. The more fundamental the organizational change, the stronger the emotions that are likely to be triggered. Change is not always easy because it is human nature to be satisfied with the ‘status quo.’ Therefore, understanding how to implement the change process becomes critical to success, particularly when the change is dramatic and/or affects multiple people, departments or locations.


Course Description
The focus of this workshop is to discuss the importance of a systematic change. It includes all the steps and tools necessary before, during and after a major change takes place. This program is intense, but fun, and at the end of the course, participants have a solid understanding of Change Management methodologies. They will be able to lead their organizations successfully through incremental and radical changes. Topics will include barriers to change and how to overcome them, management support, employee support and buy-in and planning and timelines. We will review:

  • Internal and External Causes of Change
  • Categorizing Types of Change
  • Analyze Change
  • Planning (Goals and Objectives)
  • Strategic Gaps
  • Gaining Support
  • Maintaining Quality During Change
  • Providing Support
  • Roles, Guidelines and Delegation
  • New Behavior Reinforcement

Learning Objectives
Upon Completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a change management strategy for your project
  • Manage the “people” side of change, not just the business side
  • Integrate organizational and technology changes into a single change management plan
  • Actively manage resistance to change


Who Should Attend
Employees in the company who are directing change or are a part of “change.”


Recommended Prerequisites

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