Strategic Planning/SWOT

Five (5) day Workshop / Implementation Assistance Available

Many of us who own or run businesses have never received any formal strategic planning training—for that matter we don't even know what it is. Basically, this training enables you to boost the financial and organizational growth of your company. This training typically comes from consultants or other business management professionals. The best professionals provide you with information throughout the process so you can apply the lessons at a later date.


That's where strategic planning training comes in. When you hire the right company to help you develop a strategic business development plan, you receive not only a written proposal for changes, but you also receive the tools necessary to implement those changes. These tools are developed through the training or coaching process.


Strategic Planning Training for Businesses Large and Small
If you are a small business owner, you will probably work closely with your consultant to implement changes, and mark your progress. Larger businesses often elect an individual or committee to undergo strategic planning training. This individual then takes the information back to management and owners for review and implementation.


No matter what the size of your business, you will see marked changes with the help of a consultant or trainer. There are things you just don't have time to look into that can make a huge difference in your profits and also in your market relevance. A specialist has the time to review your company history, the history of the market you are in, and the history of your competition. They take this research and apply it towards the development of goals for your company.


Course Objectives
This program is designed to both educate a corporate team in strategic planning and creative thinking as well as developing the actual plan as part of the program. Key session topics include defining strategic planning (what is it and why we use it?) and laying out the basic process steps.


Learning Objectives
Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand Why Most Companies Fail at Strategic Planning! - and Why You Won't!
  • Create a Great Strategic Team
  • Get the Information You Need
  • Measure Key Success Factors
  • Find Your Unique Strategic Competencies
  • Select an Appropriate Strategic Focus
  • Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be
  • Best Allocate Your Resources to Meet Your Objectives


Who Should Attend
Senior Executives, New product development, marketing and sales executives, strategic planning engineers, anyone who is responsible for or involved in corporate strategic planning or anyone wishing to further his/her knowledge of strategic processes and thinking


Recommended Prerequisites


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