Team Problem Solving

Two (2) or Three (3) day Workshop / Project Assistance Available

Because of the difficulties we face in dealing with day-to-day problems, we deny ourselves the time to develop and apply critical thinking skills. Without this time and supporting techniques, how can we focus on personal and corporate objectives that can be secured? If we cannot solve problems, then we cannot rise to the challenge of working in a more effective way, nor take advantage of new opportunities when they are presented. Without good problem solving processes, effective team building or organizational development cannot be achieved. The consequence is stress, chaos, poor morale and loss of productivity.


Course Description
The primary aim of this problem solving training program is to promote knowledge and skills for participants to confidently prevent problems from arising, but in the event that they do, to plot the best course of action to manage them effectively. This problem-solving course will help participants achieve success by promoting their understanding of the nature of problems, their initiation and analysis. This understanding is a prerequisite to problem solving. Participants’ ability to predict, prevent, quantify, cope, communicate and enlist co-operation is enhanced, resulting in improved quality of decision making. Throughout the problem solving training course participants will use studies from their own environment. This will conclude with them preparing and presenting a problem analysis of their business issues so that course concepts can be applied to give participants and their organization immediate benefit.


Learning Objectives
By the end of this problem solving course participants will be able to:

  • Analyze the causes and effects of problems
  • Predict and prevent problems when converting objectives
    into plans
  • Assess the impact of problems and classify their priority
  • Identify, specify and evaluate alternative courses of action or solutions
  • Consult and participate with others in problem resolution
  • Take positive problem solving action


Who should Attend
Anyone needing to solve problems to constantly improve performance


Recommended Prerequisites



Note:   We have an evaluation service that does not include instruction, but assesses your current status or level of problem solving proficiency. This can be done on-site or as an off-site evaluation of data that you provide.   Please call for details of this service.

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