Lean Champion Certification

GDC Total Business Solutions has been providing implementation and training services for organizations for the past decade.  Over the years, we have developed different training programs based on the different organizations needs and resource availability.


Our Lean Champion Certification program was created for small to medium size organizations that want to grow their own Lean experts, but do not have the resource availability to commit to our Lean Master Certification program. 


The program focuses on the 18 Elements of Lean and is customized to the individual organization’s needs.  Each department within the organization should commit one person to the program, therefore building a “Lean Champion” in each area.  This allows multiple teams to be implementing Continuous Improvements across the organization.


18 Elements of Lean:

  1. Eight Types of Waste
  2. Management by Sight
  3. 5S Workplace Organization
  4. Team Based Performance
  5. Kaizen
  6. One-Piece Flow
  7. Multi-Process / Multi-Machine
  8. Quick Changeover
  9. TAKT Time
  10. Standardized Work
  11. Kanban/ ConWIP
  12. WIP Management / FIFO
  13. Error-proofing
  14. Line Stop
  15. Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
  16. Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM)
  17. Heijunka Scheduling (True Level Loading)
  18. Simplify

Program Highlights:

  • Customized for individual organization’s needs
  • Hands-on workshops  of lean tools and techniques
  • Small projects for gaining hands-on experience
  • Grow internal “Lean Champions” to drive transformation

Program Timeline:

The  program consists of:

  • 12 Sessions (6 hours each) *
  • 2 hands-on participant-lead projects
  • Duration of program depends on Client’s resource availability (from 3 to 6 mths)

Program Return on Investment:

Below are typically savings  for kaizen events:

  • 20% - 40% improvement in throughput with no additional manpower
  • Increase  in employees problems solving skills
  • 50% improvement  within critical processes
  • Our clients typically see a ROI of  3 to 5 times the investment

*Note: depending on your needs and resources the program can be modified

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