Lean Master Certification

Created as the next developmental stage beyond Process Improvement Experts, the Master Training program advances your "best and brightest". Individuals selected will enter a rigorous one-year program during which time they will broaden their knowledge base, sharpen their teaching and mentoring skills, and develop their leadership skills. Individuals successfully completing the Lean Master program will be groomed to replace our experts, and continue the Process Improvement program.  


What is involved:

 40 Intensive, highly interactive Lean workshops

  • Building Lean thinking, business management, and leadership skills one brick-at-a-time over a 1 year period
  • Taught by qualified instructions with Master’s level education and extensive real-world Lean application/implementation experience in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing, service, and front office.
  • There will be guest speakers and guest lecturers throughout the program, lending a diverse perspective to topical Lean issues.
  • Diverse class mix - The benefit of “comparing notes” to the way other companies manage their Lean initiatives and growth strategies
  • Team Based Learning- Team projects, group “homework”, break-out discussions, group debates, role plays and simulations. 
  • Benchmarking visits to companies who already enjoy a high-level of Lean conversion and Lean success -“seeing Lean in action”
  • Technical development combined with personal and professional growth
  • Quizzes and Exams are used to check progress
  • Individual reports are sent back to client management on progress/status of their participants

The benefits you’ll receive:

  • In return for this 1 year commitment, you will receive a more confident, competent manager; a Lean thinking, cost-saving guru; a process improvement specialist; and a continuous improvement, analytical process expert.
  • You will have a built-in Lean Consultant.  (Lean Consultants range from $800 to $5000 PER DAY!!)
    • A catalyst for change - increasing the potential for ongoing improvement
    • Increases a company’s ability to create and sustain positive change
    • Gains the ability to identify and eliminate waste
  • The cost-per-participant is less than most companies pay per year for defects and re-work.
  • You won’t have to wait for a year to start seeing the bottom-line results that your participant can bring to your company via major and minor improvements and supervised Lean projects.
  • Your participant will DOCUMENT (in a Lean Journal) cost savings, Lean improvements, problem solving initiatives, corrective actions, tools and Lean-learning over time.  You will be able to SEE how the participant has more-than-paid-for their education and they will provide you with “the gift that keeps on giving!”
  • The company will also gain the following benefits from their participants education:
    • Opportunities to improve all areas of the business
    • Increased profits and growth from the improvements
    • Continued success due to internal and external support (rather than single project success)
    • A market leader perspective
    • More satisfied customers

What it included:

  • A spacious and comfortable training facility.  We also offer on-site sessions for groups larger than 10 participants.
  • All Materials for the program
  • A CD containing customizable presentations of all the basic Lean tools
  • Training and tours
  • Featured guest speakers who are leaders in Lean techniques.

The program encompasses eleven intermixed modules:

  1. Foundation – encompasses Lean definitions and components, barriers to success, and assessments
  2. Implementation*  –where and how to start, organizational structure, Lean Operating System, effective project management, and the need for measurement
  3. Cultural – the need for change, creating commitment and cultural change, and empowering the workforce
  4. Back to Basics – how to successfully implement 5S along with ways to make it sustainable; Value-Stream-Mapping and the true meaning behind it; and how to implement, monitor, and sustain any Flow, Kanban or ConWIP pull system
  5. Recognition and Rewards* – explores our personal changing needs, suggestion systems, getting results from your recognition and reward system, and why rewards don’t always work
  6. Leadership/Team Building – covers the interrelationships with other modules, the leadership challenges in the transformed culture, Lean leadership skills, effective teamwork and team building
  7. Management Skills* – covers coaching for results and behaviors, managing multiple priorities, and how to hold results-oriented lean meetings
  8. Core Tools Module – covers the basics of standardized work, the steps required for quick changeover, effective problem-solving techniques, and how to facilitate a Kaizen event
  9. Advanced Techniques – implementing TPM effectively, Six Sigma tools you can use, 5 ways of creating cellular flow, visual workplace for the whole company, Lean Office made simple, and how to Poka-Yoke to prevent defects
  10. Customer Focus* – covers Lean and continuous improvement as is relates to the customer, the role of marketing in a Lean organization, 5 competitive forces that determine industry profitability, competitive intelligence and benchmarking, managing and measuring customer satisfaction, and Lean’s role in new product development
  11. Train-the-Trainer – covers primer on adult learning, components of a successful presentation, organizing with A-I-D-A (attention, interest, details, action), effectively handling questions, and managing difficult participants

* It is recommended that one or two members of your senior management team attend some of these sessions at no additional charge.  Details to follow at time of sign-up.


Note:  The above modules do not necessarily reflect the ORDER in which classes are taught. GDC reserves the right to change the course content and/or order of classes based on needs as we proceed.


Lean Master Certification Program Schedule:


40 TOTAL DAYS (16 in Semester 1 and 24 in Semester 2)

  • 1 year
    • divided into two semesters (that break around Christmas)
    • 2 consecutive days approximately every other week
  • 34 classroom days
  • 2-3 Off-site benchmarking visits
  • 2 Simulation Days
  • 1 Final Exam and Graduation Day

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