5S Workplace Organization

2-3 day Workshop / 5 day Implementation

Imagine a workplace (office or shop floor) that is cluttered with dirt, debris, old equipment, old information and misplaced tools, where people are constantly searching for what they need to do their jobs properly. In "Lean Thinking", this is called waste (muda) and these conditions add time and cost to the products and services that you deliver to your customers. 5S is a simple but highly effective set of techniques that remove waste from your work environment through better workplace organization, visual communication, and general cleanliness. The five pillars of 5S are defined as Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. The system as a whole creates a workspace that allows for minimized waste. Not only do the five steps help to ensure that time will be spent doing more productive activities, but it also reduces the chance of error, rework and injury which are all high cost activities.


Course Description

This workshop will clearly position 5S methods within the proper context of "Lean Thinking" and value stream improvement. Participants will be provided detailed training in the techniques of sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. This workshop will provide you with specific strategies for making sustainable improvements in your work place so that you can take the strategies back to the workplace and begin implementing them immediately.


Learning Objective

Upon the completion of this training, participants will:

  • Understand and immediately apply the 5S concepts in their own workplace.
    • Sort - Clearly distinguish between what is needed in a work area and what is not, thereby eliminating sources of clutter and unwanted items. Red tagging will be used to remove these items from the workplace.
    • Straighten - Arranging items in the work area and establishing guidelines; making the location visible and self-explanatory, so everyone knows what goes where.
    • Shine - Clean floors, tools, machines, and equipment in the work place; incorporates cleanliness into regular work duties.
    • Standardize - Defines the standard activities, procedures, schedules, and the persons responsible for keeping the workplace clean and organized.
    • Sustain - How to make 5S a habit, spread the program to other areas, and make it a company-wide routine.
  • Understand how to measure the bottom line results of your workplace organization roll-out and how to track its impact on people.
  • Understand the three biggest mistakes you can make when launching your 5S initiative and how to avoid them. 


Who Should Attend

Senior Executives, Value Stream Managers, Plant or Operation Managers, Engineers, Administrative Staff, Supervisors, and Shop Floor Employees


Recommended Prerequisites

- Lean Conversion Overview   

- Value Stream Mapping


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