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2 day Workshop / Implementation services vary by complexity

Lean Conversion is about eliminating waste wherever it is, including inventory management. One of the most important steps in the implementation of Lean Conversion is Just in Time (JIT).   JIT is about not having more raw materials, sub-assemblies, paperwork or products than the minimum required for a fluent operation. The JIT process has to be thoroughly coordinated with all the involved parties, and its implementation should be done gradually. The planning and coordination will take most of your efforts, but the results will be impressive. No Production Cell or Lean Manufacturing implementation will be complete without JIT.

Storage is usually a hidden enemy of a healthy operation. When raw materials, sub-assemblies, or finished products are stored they represent a part of the company's assets that are NOT generating any profits. In addition to loss of profit, it is at risk. Floods, fires, market depreciation and design obsolescence, are just some of those risks. In some cases, raw materials used in products that have not selling could have been used to manufacture other products that would've sold faster. Unless you are in the business of storage and wholesale, buying large volumes of raw material may not be the best way you can use your money.


Your suppliers can become more efficient and give you the same good prices if you reach an agreement of buying all your requirements from them. The automobile industry has established agreements for hourly or daily delivery of some materials and parts. This allows them to operate in more compact areas, reducing time and movement in the process.


Course Description
In this workshop we will define the methodology you need to follow in order to become a JIT organization.  Participants will be taught how the use JIT principles to improve processes and enable their facility to operate successfully with lower inventory levels and higher inventory turns. We will outline the process as it relates to delivery of materials by vendors, sub-contractors, or other processes under the same roof. 


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion participants will know how to use JIT in a continuous flow environment through: 

  • A basic understanding of JIT philosophies
  • Understanding how functional departments are affected
  • Identifying elements or characteristics that JIT is build upon
  • Identifying tools and techniques required to implement JIT
  • Learning to coach, lead, participate in, and promote the implementation of JIT.


Who Should Attend
Senior Executives, Value Stream Managers, Plant or Operation Managers, Logistics and Material Handling Personnel, Administrative Staff, Supervisors, and Shop Floor Employees


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview 

  - 5S Workplace Organization 

  - Lean Cultural Transformation             

  - Value Stream Mapping



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