Kaizen Training

1 day Workshop / 5 day Blitz Implementation

Kaizen helps organizations implement improvement plans quickly and effectively. Whether you’re trying to reduce set-up times, switch to a cellular process, or streamline the flow of your operation, Kaizen is a distinctly different way to get things done. Kaizen is continuous improvement reflected by ongoing, incremental, small-scale changes that have positive impact.


Kaizens are what make Lean systems successful. Kaizen is also a culture or way of life because it provides a new way of seeing and doing things. It presents a different approach with a very clear objective: Make the Operation More Productive!  This is achieved through one of the most commonly wasted abilities of human beings: Creative and Objective Thinking. You can expect dramatic changes when you implement Lean with Kaizen.  Applied correctly your company will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce investment in work-in-process (WIP) inventory
  • Reduce quality defects and their recurrence
  • Cut production lead times dramatically
  • Involve employees in a continuous improvement process
  • Increase employee morale, attendance, and retention
  • Energize People


Course Description
Participants will learn the differences between kaizen and innovation and how to recognize measurable aspects of the business to make overall improvements.  We will illustrate the process for developing a continuous improvement plan for reducing waste and cutting costs while increasing customer satisfaction.  Participants will share and discuss their ideas, experiences and knowledge, and together we will develop simple, creative solutions. Then participants will learn   techniques that will allow them to take advantage of their creativity.


Learning Objective

Participants will gain the ability to:  

  • Effectively plan and implement the systematic Kaizen approach
  • Recognize the measurable aspects of their business
  • Make overall improvements
  • Develop a continuous improvement plan
  • Reduce waste and cost while increasing quality


Who Should Attend
Supervisors, operational employees, purchasing, production control, engineering, and maintenance


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview   

  - Value Stream Mapping                                           

  - Other courses depending on what process you want to improve


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