Lean Conversion Overview

4-hours & 8-hours Workshops

 Lean Conversion involves all activities necessary to make lead-time reduction possible. Affected functions include production control, manufacturing or services, engineering, sales and marketing, purchasing, maintenance, administrative workflow, and quality. Companies adopting a Lean approach become faster and more responsive to customer requirements while using fewer resources.  To successfully implement Lean, there must be a company-wide understanding of the basics of Lean - what it means, why it is necessary, and how it works.

Course Description
In this course, we present an overview of Lean Conversion concepts and introduce methods and tools designed to put these concepts to work for you.  Participants will also learn the 8 types of waste and how to eliminate them through the Lean “Building Blocks”. We will briefly discuss topics such as Workplace Organization (5S), Quick Changeover, Total Productive Maintenance, Visual Workplace, Design for Flow, and Poka-Yoke. This workshop will help you understand Lean conversion principles and the benefits of Lean.

Learning Objective

Upon completion of this training, participants will walk away with: 

  • An understanding of the Evolution of Lean
  • The definition of Lean Conversion
  • A clear understanding of the "Lean Journey"
  • Concepts of Lean Conversion
  • An introduction to Lean Conversion tools and methodologies


Who Should Attend
Anyone and everyone that would like to gain an understanding of Lean Conversion or is ready to partake in a "Lean Journey."


Recommended Prerequisites


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