Lean Cultural Transformation

4 hours or 8 hours Workshop

 Lean Conversion is very much about the human element and how employees contribute to your company.  A Lean culture works to harness the complete brainpower of the workforce to build a continuous improvement process.  Experts estimate that 70 percent of becoming a Lean enterprise is culture-related. Without employee support, you can’t make many, if any, changes in your organization. Even if you aren’t planning to implement Lean, making any sustainable changes can be an uphill battle without the right company culture.


Identifying problems in your business is easier than trying to fix them. You might have high employee turnover, caused in part by low morale. You’ve tried to fix these problems, but improvement projects go nowhere. Culture greatly influences many facets of daily productivity and improvement. The way employees work, their attitudes toward work and change, their relationships with each other and management and the way change is introduced, embraced, and tackled is defined by your culture.  All of which contribute greatly to your company’s health.


Course Description

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce all employees to the methods and techniques that manage cultural change. This course will address the impact that implementing Lean practices can have on people in the workplace and outlines methods you can use to establish a positive culture. These methods are used to eliminate cultural waste in the workforce and better align material, information, procedures, and process flow. Participants in the Lean Culture workshop will learn specific methods to develop leadership and employee involvement, along with techniques used to manage and preserve the gains created by Lean.  Changing the way your business runs is more than just moving machines — it means working with people too.


Learning Objective

Instilling a lean culture in your company will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of some of the factors that lead to cultural change
  • Understand the desires and expectations of the workforce you interact with
  • Be aware of what people do and why they do it
  • Identify and eliminate non-value-added practices
  • Understand the different mental models that the workforce operates under and amend your style or method accordingly
  • Learn how to adopt a culture that reduces or removes delays, stoppages, or rework in the activities performed by others


Who Should Attend
This course is recommend for all personnel within your organization as change cannot be successful without an understanding by the majority.


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview

  - Value Stream Mapping


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