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4-hour & 8-hour Workshops

Many companies that have implemented Lean principles into their production processes are having trouble keeping up with the increase in demand from the front offices of an organization.  Most companies have not been able to identify and reduce waste in the office as successfully as in their production processes.  It’s been stated that 82% of electronic files on servers haven’t been touched in over a year, yet there is constantly a call for more server space. Who hasn’t had a request for larger workstations, more file cabinets or even another building? 


A Lean office produces just what is needed, when it is needed with no additional labor, costs or time. Lean offices outperform the traditional in Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale. Reducing errors, cycle time, expenses and improving morale will drive shortened delivery times to customers, reduced inventory levels and increased office staff capacity. All of these improvements will lead to greater profits while increasing customer satisfaction (internally and externally)!


Office waste is not as easy to see, so it’s harder to find! An amazing 60-80% of all manufacturing waste is the front office!  Since the 90’s the use of paper in the office has increased 8:1.  It is estimated that 30% of office staff’s time is spent in meetings!  The most staggering statistic is that 60% of people in the office don’t know who uses the data they generate!  Stacks of physical inventory are far more obvious than email inboxes at full capacity. Rework bins and inspections stations demand attention while workers inspecting co-workers data entry is virtually unnoticed. Sometimes companies just haven’t found the right tools to apply to find the opportunities that will lead to increased profits from the office.


Course Description
This full day workshop involves a mix of classroom style learning with an interactive live simulation where class participants take on the roles of managers and workers within a company performing administrative tasks.  Participants begin in a traditional office environment and then learn about and apply Lean improvements over the course of the day.  Through the implementation of the Lean techniques the office is transformed.  By the final round, the team has designed a Lean Office environment that is both effective, efficient and requires less effort. Upon completion of this course the student will have the basic understanding on how to apply lean in their office work areas.


Learning Objective

Upon completion participants will know how to apply lean office tools in any administrative environment.  Participants will have the basic understanding of how to:

  • Start at the beginning and involve all the associates in the office transformation process
  • Apply 5S-workplace organization to start the stabilizing processes
  • Value Stream Map the processes from the receipt of order to delivery
  • Identify areas for kaizen events to promote continuous improvement 


Who Should Attend

Senior Executives, Value Stream Managers, Administrative Staff, middle management, employees


Recommended Prerequisites




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