Linking Lean and Your Scheduling System (MRP/ERP)

1 day Workshop / Implementation time varies

Many companies today already have a scheduling system in place prior to implementing Lean Conversion.  After implementing Lean, they continue to use their system as it was always used. Their results are unsatisfactory and now many are questioning the continued use of their system. They want to "turn off MRP" so it will not interfere with their Lean improvements.  Often however, desire conflicts with corporate direction to use mandated corporate systems.

Computer systems still play an important role in a Lean environment but with less focus on scheduling internal activities and more focus on the planning and control activities within the larger supply chain. The need for production status reports is replaced by the need to clearly identify the required labor and tooling resources requirements.  A more detailed materials focus ensures that production materials are at the right place,  in the right quantity and at the right time. Finished products are moved from the work area to the shipping area without unplanned accumulation. Typically, your existing computer system can be used effectively with little change to support Lean.


Course Description
In this workshop participants will be taught the right way to schedule in a lean environment.  We will discuss:

  • Why conventional methods do not work in the Lean environment
  • Why lean conversion scheduling requires a different approach
  • Why the failures to re-think this vital area may roadblock or nullify your other lean efforts
  • The 3 magic words of Lean scheduling: Simplicity, Stability, and Speed


Learning Objective

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:              

  • Understand the simplicity of Lean scheduling
  • Create a scheduling system that enables Lean Conversion
  • Identify how Lean scheduling will ultimately reduce inventory, increase predictability, lower cost, and improve customer service
  • Understand why Lean scheduling will speed up production, transactions, and information and create a more stabilized system


Who Should Attend
Senior Executives, Plant or Operation Managers, Master Schedulers, Material Control staff,  Administrative Staff, Supervisors, and Production Employees


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview  

  - Kanban/Pull

  - Hands-On Lean Simulation                 

  - Creating Continuous Flow

  - Just-In-Time


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