Quick Changeover/S.M.E.D.

1 day Workshop / 5 day Implementation

Many organizations have embarked on a series of quick changeover workshops without fully knowing why they are doing it, or what the expected outcomes should be. Quick changeover is a part of the Lean toolkit that enables organizations to produce services or goods using leveled and mixed production. Leveled and mixed production lead to reduced work in process inventories, better quality, and better responsiveness to customers.

Frequent setups are necessary to produce a variety of goods or services in small lots. In order to become more flexible, you need to focus on reducing setup time and using the techniques of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) to meet changing customer requirements. SMED refers to the theory and techniques for performing setup operations in fewer than ten minutes, the number of minutes expressed in a single digit.


Course Description
In this workshop participants will learn inexpensive techniques to achieve quick changeovers. Then you can truly begin to approach a "Just-In-Time" culture instead of "Just-In-Case". This workshop is based on research developed by Shigeo Shingo, a famous manufacturing consultant from Japan. Participants will learn the techniques used to reduce set-up times on equipment and machinery, in front office processing, and within service organizations. Using real-life examples, case studies, and hands-on quick changeover analysis, this class provides teams involved in Lean Conversion with the practical tools and methods needed to radically reduce changeover time in the office or on the floor. Typical results from this class are 70% to 80% reduction in set-up time with little or no capital investment. These results are usually obtained within one week of the implementation.


Learning Objective

After completion of this course participants will have an understanding of:

  • How SMED relates to Just In Time (JIT) small lot production
  • How to implement the four stages of SMED
  • The eight principles of the SMED system
  • The Actions required to convert Internal to External setups
  • Techniques to improve Internal setups


Who Should Attend

Operators, Setup Personnel, Maintenance Personnel, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Production Supervision, and Office Personnel needing to reduce process changeover time.


Recommended Prerequisites

None. However, novices to Lean Thinking may elect to attend Lean Conversion Overview first to familiarize themselves with the terminology and the nature of the changes expected.



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