Standardized Work Methods

1 day Workshop / (Implementation varies depending on project selected)

Are you constantly missing deadlines, exceeding budgets, and discovering defects after the application is moved into production?  Is your staff is working 60 hours a week, seven days a week?   Is your credibility within the organization is at an all-time low?  What can you  do?


The answer "Defining and Using Standard Work Processes"

The term "standard" is one of the most confused terms in our profession. "Standards" really mean work processes, and most people often feel that standards inhibit their personal creativity. Quite the opposite is true; standards give the workforce more flexibility and creativity than ever before. Standards are, in fact, the way people do work.  This seminar teaches how to institutionalize current best work practices.

For many companies, an effective process-engineering program may be their only effective approach to improving productivity. This seminar is designed to teach you a customizable approach for process definition, deployment, and improvement. The methods taught can be applied against any quality model in the world or can be used simply as a means to improve overall performance.


Course Description
Participants will learn how to standardize work in order to improve quality, efficiency, and decrease inventory levels.  Standardization is a proven method for preventing and reducing many types of workplace waste - including duplication of effort and process contradictions.  This workshop provides users with the information needed regarding standard work practices to start applying principles and methods. Participants will hear an informative presentation, share in group experiences, and practice key concepts through case studies and exercises. Participants will also walk away with the ability to effectively implement select processes such as inventory, and mapping or prioritizing a work processes (definition, improvement, re-engineering).


Learning Objective

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the value that Engineered Standards can bring to an organization
  • Identify the keys to a successful standards development effort
  • Focus your development effort to achieve the outcomes you desire from your standards
  • Select a practical and cost-effective development approach
  • Develop Engineered Standards using that approach
  • Apply the Workforce Training Discipline, which involves the development of visual method sheets and training tools to train and equip the workforce to perform effectively and consistently

Who Should Attend

Value Stream Managers, Plant or Operation Managers, Administrative Staff, Engineers, Supervisors, and Shop Floor Employees


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview       

  - Lean Cultural Transformation                       

  - Value Stream Mapping 


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