Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

1-1/2 days Workshop / 3-5 days Implementation


Have you ever looked over a letter, thought it was perfect, and then gave it to someone else who found some obvious mistakes? That’s what can happen when you get too close to a process — it’s difficult to see it with an objective eye. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) gives you the tools to stand back and identify the waste in your business and the methodology to get rid of the waste while streamlining your processes. Think of it as your personal magnifying glass and your source for solutions to eliminate that waste.  Statistics show that as much as:

  • 60% of operations in a manufacturing business do not add value to the customer
  • 75% of processes in a service organization do not add value to the customer
  • 80% of processes in the healthcare industry do not add value to the customer


With Value Stream Mapping, you scrutinize business processes from beginning to end and draw a visual representation of every process involved in the material and information flows. Then you draw a future state map to show how things should work for your best competitive advantage.


Course Description

In this workshop you’ll learn how Value Stream Mapping works with a real business case-study as a model. You’ll see first-hand how redirecting information and workflow can make all the difference in shortening cycle time and improving productivity and communication. The impact gained by moving from the current state to an improved future state described in this case-study model will prove to you how other businesses such as yours are making it happen. This workshop teaches the participants practical ways to see and eliminate process waste in their value streams. We will use both in-class and practical on-the-floor exercises to help the student practice what they are learning, as they learn it. This is one of the critical first steps in implementing a Lean strategy.
Objectives of this workshop are to introduce Value Stream Mapping in a hands-on manner and develop the ability to “see the flow” and create future state value streams. Participants will learn the fundamentals of identifying and managing the value stream. We can assist you in the classroom, in the office, in service enviroments or on the shop floor.


Learning Objective

Upon completion of this training, participants learn how to:  

  • View processes as part of a total “Value-Stream” system
  • Identify waste within the value stream of the current state map
  • Use Lean Conversion principles and practices to design a future state map and assist in improving performance throughout the value stream
  • Develop an improvement plan to implement the new design


Who Should Attend

Senior Executives, Value Stream Managers, Plant or Operation Managers, Engineers, Administrative Staff, Supervisors, and Floor Employees


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview 


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