Visual Workplace

2 day Workshop / Implementation varies depending on size of project

The visual approaches for management staff and employees are an important aspect of Lean Conversion that is often overlooked. Visual management in its simplest form is having enough information on hand, visually available, so that management decisions can be made in real time. The lag between when data are first available (real time) and when it can be used in decision-making, is the amount of opportunity that visual management can help address. Many ask why do visual management? Let us ask a few questions:

  • Do people know about their performance?
  • Do people know where to find parts, tools, fixtures, information?
  • How much inventory is on hand?
  • What happens next in this process, line, cell, etc?
  • Where is that product that always seems to be short-counted?
  • Does this part/person/machine belong here?
  • How do you know you've "had a good day"?
  • Is that component good or scrap?


If you can't answer these questions by looking in the work enviroment for a few seconds, then you need better visual management.


Course Description
In this course, participants learn how to successfully transform a work area into a well-organized workplace where thousands of messages concerning product quality, productivity, schedule, and safety are accurately delivered every day. Course participants leave with the knowledge of what visual order is, what the visual workplace looks like and how these concepts function in the work enviroment. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what visual management can accomplish for their organization.

Learning Objective

Participants will learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve communication throughout your facility
  • Provide organization and visual aids as tools to communicate where errors are happening
  • Create a sense of partnership amongst employees
  • Create an environment which includes input from both supervisors (decision makers) and  floor personnel


Who Should Attend
Floor associates, Operations Managers, and Lean/World-Class manufacturing and service specialists


Recommended Prerequisites

  - Lean Conversion Overview

  - Lean Performance measures        

  - Lean Culture

  - Value Stream Mapping                                  

  - 5S / Workplace Organization


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