Is your organization struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace?  Are you struggling to identify a distinctive edge over your competition?  Are your team members engaged and helping the organization achieve your strategic goals? 


There is only one constant in today’s robust business world—CHANGE!  A successful business must always keep a pulse on the future and their role within the marketplace!  For many years, GDC Total Business Solutions has been assisting organizations transform their cultures to embrace change instead of fearing it! 


We offer businesses the most innovative programs and services available today. Our deliverables are designed to GUIDE your organization towards "Lean Thinking" while we help you DEPLOY measurable solutions that make good business sense in achieving world-class performance and production. It is this methodology that will create the cultural CHANGE necessary to support the human side of continuous improvement.


When working with clients we have two main goals:

  • Create an environment that embraces, fosters and drives change
  • Mentor, train and develop your team to ensure that improvements will be sustained in the future


Our methodology focuses on driving immediate change within your organization, while building internal resources necessary to keep the momentum moving forward in the future.  At GDC, we strive to provide organizations valuable solutions that will drive growth and prosperity using your own internally trained experts to lead your Lean journey.

Our university is dedicated to guiding the next generation of business professionals. As global markets continue to expand we must educate our workforce by providing the tools, techniques, and “Lean Thinking” to stay competitive. GDC offers Lean Certification programs and individuals classes from the "Simply Curious" to the "Seriously Studios".

The GDC team provides quality, value-added LEAN consulting that result in measurable improvements in profitability, productivity, and customer satisfaction. We offer tailored approaches to integrating Lean Business, proven by our successful partnerships with over 400 clients in various industries. 

HOLOS is the first holistic leadership management system of its kind.  We have taken four key business systems and integrated them into one holistic structure that combines strategy deployment, people development, financial management, and process optimization.  

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